Marijuana and Munchies


Marijuana and Munchies

Medical Marijuana for Amputees


marijuana for amputees

Though modern medical techniques have improved amputee surgery survival rates, it’s still a last-resort treatment for several different conditions. The number of amputees has increased because of combat and other situations, including advancing cancers and trauma due to accidents.
Amputation is a life-saving technique, but it often leaves patients with chronic health issues. Limb… Read more

Benefits of Consuming Raw Cannabis


benefits of raw cannabis

Juicing leafy greens like spinach and kale for their healthy properties might not sound that amazing to you unless you’re a juicing enthusiast. But pressed vegetable juices are increasing in popularity — with consumers, nutritionists, athletes and healthcare professionals.
Have you ever considered juicing marijuana, though? What we’re talking about here is the juicing of raw cannabis,… Read more

Marijuana Infused Coffee


marijuana coffee

Cannabis and coffee might be the ultimate “wake and bake” combination, but for some it can be hard to picture combining a substance that wakes you up with one that lulls you to sleep. You might expect them to cancel each other out, and in a way, they do.
Coffee drinkers consider the beverage necessary for life. It starts them up each day, and whether they drink one cup or four,… Read more

Dabbing Medical Marijuana


dabbing marijuana

Cannabis, a remedy used as a holistic healing elixir for centuries, offers many benefits to the human body and mind. Since its benefits have been known, different means of consuming marijuana have been invented. Since it’s a plant, drying and smoke seemed to be a natural fit, similar to tobacco.
Unfortunately, smoking marijuana isn’t always convenient, and if your medical condition… Read more

Marijuana and Blood Pressure


marijuana and blood pressure

Approximately one in every three American adults has high blood pressure — that’s roughly 75 million people. High blood pressure is a risk factor for heart disease and strokes. The leading cause of disability in this country, strokes affect about 795,000 Americans each year.
Medical marijuana is used for an approved list of conditions in most states. Some states even allow… Read more

Why Doctors & Practices Should Recommend Medical Marijuana


doctors should recommend marijuana

Medical marijuana is often controversial and heavily debated, so it’s natural to wonder, “Should I recommend medical marijuana?” As a medical professional, it’s important to have the full picture of a particular treatment option. Explore the benefits of recommending medical marijuana for doctors and practices to help make your decision. 
Increased Patient… Read more

A Proposed Bill Could Legalize Medical Marijuana in Kentucky


ky medical marijuana

The Kentucky state legislature is considering a medical marijuana program that could start in 2018. Legislators in favor of the measure cite other states’ progress on medical marijuana as evidence that it could be a good move. With 29 other states already authorizing marijuana for medical use, some legislators in Kentucky want to join the movement, so their state isn’t the last to… Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Medical Marijuana and Health Insurance


marijuana and health insurance

Medical marijuana is steadily gaining ground as a valuable treatment option for hundreds of different health conditions. Medical marijuana has treatment applications for medical issues affecting nearly every part of the body. It has been shown to control symptoms for patients with inflammatory bowel diseases, ease pain levels in cancer patients, help patients cope with post-traumatic stress… Read more

Medical Marijuana Therapy


marijuana therapy

For people who still associate marijuana with the 1970s drug subculture in the U.S., it might be hard to imagine cannabis as medicine. The idea of a bunch of middle-aged women sitting around in turbans smoking pot seems a bit surreal. However, for those women who are fighting cancer with chemotherapy and finding relief from the nausea and anxiety with medical marijuana, the idea is not so… Read more

Medical Marijuana Under Donald Trump


trump medical marijuana

Donald Trump’s candidacy for president ushered in a new era in American politics. He seemed to do everything wrong along the campaign trail, and yet he gathered momentum until he was elected the 45th president of the United States. While some celebrate and others mourn this political anomaly, the country continues to operate on an uneven keel while our leader adjusts to life as an elected… Read more


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