What Is Hash?


What Is Hash?

How to Make and Use Marijuana Flour


marijuana flour

You go to your local dispensary and check out the edibles — so many goodies! If you’re the frugal type, you might find some of them too expensive and opt for traditional weed instead. Or, you might feel inspired to make your own.
Then, you wonder — how do you make homemade edibles without large chunks of weed in them? Somehow, the edible bakers manage to make them taste more… Read more

The Connecticut Hospice and Medical Marijuana


ct hospice marijuana

The United States has a severe opioid problem and many of the addictions begin in medical care. When a patient experiences severe pain, a doctor will sometimes prescribe opioids to relieve their symptoms. This can act as a slippery slope — one in three painkiller patients become dependent or addicted.
This addiction can be a devastating one. We desperately need to find an alternate,… Read more

All About Medicinal Cannabis Oil


cannabis oil

When reading about the benefits of medical marijuana and testimonies from patients, you may have seen something about cannabis oil, or CBD oil. Like other marijuana products, cannabis oil is starting to grow in popularity as the stigma against marijuana reduces.
As an informed patient, you may wonder if cannabis oil could work for you. After all, it has so many glowing testimonies out there…. Read more

Convection vs. Conduction Vaporizers


convection vs conduction vaporizers

Inhaling cannabis lets you get relief quickly, but the most popular inhalation method, smoking, isn’t exactly the healthiest way to consume medical marijuana. So what do you do if you need the fastest alleviation of your symptoms with fewer health risks? Vaping works as a healthier alternative to smoking due to the much lower amount of toxins you take in.
To vape marijuana, you need to… Read more

Breathalyzers for Detecting Marijuana


marijuana breathalyzers

You’ve seen it on the cop shows. Someone’s driving under the influence, so the officer pulls out a breathalyzer and finds the driver has alcohol in their system. Alcohol can seriously impair your ability to drive, not to mention driving drunk is illegal.
But, what about marijuana? While the police currently don’t have a way to check for the marijuana in your system on the… Read more

Cannabis-Infused Soap


marijuana soap

Cannabis is a natural ingredient that can be added to many types of products. There are several ways to consume medical marijuana — most typically it’s ingested through the lungs or stomach. However, marijuana can also be useful as a topical product and has some health benefits when applied to the skin. Adding it to soap can make those health benefits more easily accessible by… Read more

Marijuana Training Program for Doctors in MA


ma marijuana doctors

The medical marijuana program in Massachusetts requires doctors to register with the state before recommending marijuana therapy to their patients. For most medical practitioners, medical training is ongoing throughout their career. Training in the use of medical marijuana can be difficult to obtain because of the restrictions under federal law. The Massachusetts Medical Society now offers an… Read more

Can You Donate Blood While Taking Medical Marijuana?



Donating blood is a volunteer activity that many people take very seriously. Donated blood is used for many medical procedures, especially emergencies. The blood you donate could save a life, as the American Red Cross reminds us periodically when blood supplies are low.
If you’ve ever donated blood, you know there’s a screening process to qualify you for donation. There are a… Read more

Medical Marijuana and Work Drug Tests


marijuana work drug test

Although people in the U.S. are welcoming the new medical marijuana laws, there is still uncertainty among employers and employees alike on how to handle using it legally in the workplace. As an employee using medical cannabis or considering getting a recommendation for it, you may have questions about the work drug test in your workplace and the adverse implications of positive test… Read more

Marijuana Aromatherapy


marijuana aromatherapy

The aroma, and flavor, in most foods is a result of the naturally occurring oils in the food. Coffee has a strong aroma, while the smell of a fresh avocado is particularly faint. The cannabis plant also contains oils that produce a distinct smell. There are more than 200 terpenes, or essential oils, produced in the cannabis plant, each adding a different note to the aroma.
Different parts of… Read more


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